Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it generally take for a pool installation?
A: Depending on the inspection processes in your area it generally takes 2-3 weeks from start to swimming.

Q: Can I change my chlorine system into a salt water system?
A: Yes

Q: How much money do I save when I covert my pool to salt water?
A: Your system will be pay itself off in 3 seasons by the money you save not purchasing chlorine alone.

Q: How much does a New Pool Cost?
A: Prices vary on pool options and terrain conditions. Prices range from $15,000 - $100,000.

Q: Is there a Warranty on your Pools?
A: Yes. In addition to the manufacturers warranty, we offer a 100 percent warranty on all products and labor for 3 years.

Q: Is it ok for a Dog to Swim in my Pool?
A: Absolutely! As long as you teach your dog to use the stairway as an entrance and exit.

Q: Do you build above ground pools?
A: No we do not.

Q: What type of fencing do we need around our pool?
A: We provide and install code abiding fencing. Fencing needs to be 48 inches high with self-closing and self-latching gates. We would be happy to inspect your fence and provide you with the proper information on what is needed to make it code abiding.

Q: If I Design my Pool can you Build It?
A: Yes, as long as your design meets all the required building codes, you dream it, we make it happen!

Q: Can a diving board or slide be installed on an existing pool?
A: Depending on the specifications of your pool. We'd be glad to send a trained specialist out to give you a free evaluation.

Q: If I buy my own pool equipment and parts can you install them?
A: Yes! Were pool builders by nature so we can build a pool using anyone's product. But were confident that we can beat any pool kit price so get an estimate from us before you purchase one elsewhere.

Client Testimonial

Dave’s (owner) demeanor was enthusiastic and professional. One could tell he “sells from the heart” and believes in his workmanship and quality. His package price was competitive. The Artistic crew worked together seamlessly and with an eye towards quality.

The pool turned out beautifully and the cement work was excellent. We would highly recommend Artistic Pools to everyone because of their craftsmanship, quality of products and materials, professionalism and knowledge of staff, attention to customer service, and price. We love our pool and patio!

Carrie Varcoe - Fenton

Client Testimonial

When it comes to describing my experience with Artistic, I really don’t know where to begin. Some friends referred me to Artistic, and I made the choice to work with them all across the board. From start to finish it was really an exciting time!

As a mechanical contractor myself, it was easy for me to see everything come together and recognize the quality in their workmanship. It was perfect to have one company do everything from start to finish, instead of other contractors. They did everything in house, and that’s what made the world of difference! I have not had once crack or one issue, which is always a concern when you’re dealing with cement. Anything I wanted to do, Dave worked with me and gave me his guidance and knowledge. Bottom line, they put in a lot of time and now I have my own little paradise for my family and me!

Paul Smith -

Client Testimonial

I first found out about Artistic Pools and Concrete from their advertising. I then contacted Artistic, got a few references, and checked out some of their pools. After seeing their work, I knew that they were the ones who were going to build my pool.

I am extremely happy with the work they did! They had a great plan of operation and the quality was exceptional! They were always on time and they always answered my questions. Very hard working group of people! I would refer Artistic to anybody. In fact, they have actually sent people out to look at our pool and we praised them up and got them a few jobs. Thanks for everything guys!

Tom Gohsman - Howell

Client Testimonial

When I first decided that I wanted a pool, I actually contacted several companies. Because of the fact that I had a challenging landscape to work with, most companies weren’t able to assist me. In fact, Artistic was the only company that knew how to handle my circumstance.

Their concrete work is far superior to any that I’ve seen and their experience really shows in their work. They knew how to handle any concerns I had and I am totally satisfied with the work they did. I would definitely recommend them to anybody for any pool or concrete work.

Dave Kelly

Client Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much Niles and I appreciate you and your team for helping us with our animal problem on Thursday.  You definitely go above and beyond with your customer service.  It's nice to know that there are companies out there like yours that people can trust and rely on.  We hope to be your longtime customers and will recommend your services any chance we get.

Julie and Niles Rachut

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