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Select Grade™ Integral Color is an economical pre-measured pigment for integrally coloring ready mixed concrete and all manufactured concrete products during batching.  Conforming to ASTM Standard C979 (Standard Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete); it is a blend of non-fading, synthetic iron oxides.  Select Grade™ Integral Color is suitable for non-specified integrally colored concrete projects of all types.  Superior quality control during manufacturing and packaging help to ensure your jobs will have uniform color from load-to-load.

Due to variences in monitors, colors should not be selected from this website alone as they may not accurately depict actual colors.


Perma-Cast® Antiquing Release Colors are dusted over the surface of freshly colored concrete flatwork before using a pattern-stamping tool.  The release agent prevents the tool from sticking to newly colored, freshly stamped concrete.  As the tool is pulled from the concrete the colored release powder is layered into the textured surfaces of the concrete.  Upon washing and sealing, the difference in color between the underlying concrete and the release creates a visually attractive, antiqued look to the concrete.  The added color gives the appearance of depth.  The amount of release agent imparted will vary with job site conditions.  The final results will range between the color of the base concrete and that of the antiquing release.  The surface must be sealed and maintained to preserve its antiqued appearance over time.*

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