Hydro Therapy Seats

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Make your pool a hydro-therapy experience!

Imagine your pool...now imagine your pool with hydro-therapy JetPaks.  You can achieve virtually limitless therapy options by adjusting and interchanging the JetPak jets for a custom pool experience. Finally, a swimming pool with hydro-therapeutic options!



JetPaks allow you to create your own personalized wellness experience every time you use your spa. JetPaks make it possible for you to choose the type of massage, location in the spa, and intensity that best suits you. If you struggle with lower back pain from lifting around the house or at work, choose the Oscillator™ JetPak. When you get a tension headache from a hectic schedule or staring at a computer screen, loosen those stiff muscles with the NeckMasseuse™ JetPak. With JetPak massages suited for every ache and every body you get a relaxing Day Spa experience without the Day Spa price. Bullfrog Spas with JetPaks are the perfect addition to your life for overall health and wellness. JetPaks massage away the pain of arthritis, stiff muscles, and aching joints, and can improve circulation more than 500 percent. Best of all, you choose the JetPak that fits your body and is best suited to improve your life.

Your Spa, Your Lifestyle

No matter what your lifestyle, you will enhance the quality of your life with JetPaks. If you lead an active sporting lifestyle (running, climbing, biking, sports), a soothing hot water, full body massage will help you recover from the stiffness and fatigue of workouts faster. You will even find that you sleep better if you include your Bullfrog Spa as part of your post-workout routine. A Bullfrog Spa with JetPaks is the perfect place for quality family time. A Bullfrog Spa at your home creates an ideal getaway for you and your spouse. Quality time in your spa is also a perfect opportunity for getting on the same page with your children and grandchildren. Relaxed and without distractions, your children will open up and really talk to you. Nothing is better for unwinding after your work day than hot water with neck and shoulder jets. You will be able to do more in less time, simply because your stress level is lower. For your social life, a Bullfrog Spa with several JetPak water features can become the centerpiece of your outdoor parties and get-togethers. JetPaks allow you to personalize your spa to focus on what is most important to you and your lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy Seats

Great Possibilities
Available in Standard and Cantilever

Hydrotherapy Seats

Finally, a swimming pool with
hydro-therapeutic options!

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